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This site is the Addingham village information site for everything that you need or want to know about our lovely, historic village, whether you are a resident or visitor to the area.

Addingham is in West Yorkshire in the North of England three miles south of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Addingham is a former textile mill village which expanded rapidly at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century from being a small farming community to become a busy textile manufacturing centre with five mills, five churches and five pubs - four of the churches and the five pubs are still going strong today but the textile industry is no more.

Addingham is in the valley of the River Wharfe with Rombald's Moor rising to the south and Beamsley Beacon in the north providing excellent walking country. See the new book 'Walks Around Addingham' HERE for details of walks to tempt you into your walking boots.

The aim of the site is to 'do what it says on the tin' - to be a one-stop shop for information about the village, its history and its surroundings.
We hope that you will be able to find whatever you want to know about Addingham and what there is to do in or around Addingham village. There is a search box at the top of each page to find things quickly but if you can't find what you want there, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the webmaster.

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5 days ago

Addingham Info

Have you got anything interesting that needs repair? Come along on Tuesday. ...

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2 weeks ago

Addingham Info

Referendum success - Cllr. Adrian Naylor reported the result of the Neighbourhood Plan referendum as follows:
Congratulations an excellent result
A 40.21% turnout 1275 ballots out of an electorate of 3171

Yes vote 1185 which is 93.01%
No vote 89 which is 6.99%

We say that it's great to have that high turnout and so much support for this plan to protect Addingham.

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2 weeks ago

Addingham Info

· The Referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan is tomorrow, Thursday. Don't forget to cast your vote

Prof Rick Battarbee of the Addingham Environment Group writes:
'Crucially by designating key areas, such as Manor Garth, Sugar Hill, the ‘rewilding’ former First School playing field and the Sailor & Burnside Fields as ‘Local Green Space’, this land is protected from development

· The plan has policies to ensure any new development proposals respect local character and biodiversity (for example creating buffer strips along the beck corridors to protect and enhance biodiversity, using native species in planting schemes and stone walls or hedges for site and plot boundaries, protecting and enhancing existing wildlife habitat such as trees and hedgerows)

· The plan supports the installation of electric vehicle charging points in suitable places around the village, and other measures to encourage alternative forms of fuel technology for private cars and public transport

· The plan identifies the network of green infrastructure which should be retained and enhanced for wildlife and outdoor recreation (the beck corridors, the River Wharfe and the links from the village centre to the Moorside), along with key views and vistas

· The plan has policies that require development proposals to minimise impact of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (for example by taking account of the vulnerability of a site and the wider village to flooding, especially during extreme weather events, the use of surfaces that increase ground infiltration and reduce run-off. Also, endeavouring to ensure that house design is of a very high standard with respect to roof orientation and the suitability for fixing renewable technology).”

If you haven’t been down to see it yet there is an excellent exhibition in The Hub on the production of the plan, and you can read the final version and at the same time look at the policies map.

Cast your vote for the future of the village.

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The Parish Church at daffodil time

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