Family History

Family History

To find out about Addinghamers past and present we suggest you refer to the books about the village or try the following sources:-

1. The ‘Ilkley Pages’ People Page, for Wharfedale contacts, reminiscences, family information.

2. Genfair – ‘One stop shop for family & local historians’.

3. Wharfegen – A Genealogical Study of Wharfedale & Craven by Nic Wilson

4. ‘GENUKI’ – The Parish of Addingham, 1822,……… Historical & Geog. Information for the year 1834

5. My Heritage – Host and search your family tree website.


5. Requests for information:-

“Am wondering if anyone might be able to provide information about Fred and Elsie Jennings who had the shop at 148 Main Street in the 1930-50s. i am descended from them and am looking for information or people who may have had some form of contact.
Any help or suggestions appreciated
Many thanks, regards,

Margaret Holms nee Ashton,

Subject Evaccuee lived wth your family – Roger and Roy Londoners

Curious to see if you are still living in Addinham

If you can help – please use the Contact form.