Walks around the Addingham area

Addingham is situated in marvellous walking country which ever way you go. The Dales Way long distance path (from Ilkley to Bowness on Windermere, with extensions east) passes through the edge of the village along the River Wharfe, Rombalds Moor to the south links with Ilkley Moor and Baildon Moor, whereas north is the Yorkshire Dales. (See Nearby Places page)

The Civic Society have published a book ‘Walks around Addingham’ by Alison Armstrong which gives a selection of walks in and near the village. Details

Silsden Strolls
To encourage people to take gentle but health giving strolls, this site  SilStrolls.org.uk gives downloadable routes around Silsden (only 3 miles from Addingham).

Bradford Council have several self guided walk leaflets which can be found here.

Walks in the Dales – Walks in Yorkshire and Where2Walk in the Dales

 Wharfedale Wayfarer Walks (By ‘First Bus, Leeds’)
These walks all start and finish at convenient bus stops. See Transport page for timetables etc.

1. Chelker Reservoir to Ilkley (81/2 miles) 
From the County Boundary by Chelker Res, take Yorkshire Water track passing the Pump House. Where it divides, ignore the prominent track left and take one straight ahead through a field gate and follow wheelmarks by the left-hand wall. At the far corner, go through the gate, pass a ruin on the left and continue on this track to the farm. Take the second turn right between farm buildings and down a surfaced track to the main road. Cross to a gate and across the field to another gate.

walkmap1Left along the road and first right. Through the gates on the old road, over the bridge and join the new road. Forward and take first road right signed “Beamsley”. Just pass the first house on the left, turn left. At the far edge of the farmyard, take the middle track. Over a stile by the gate onto a woodland path then up the lefthand edge of a field. Halfway along the field bear right onto a flat area closer to the beck. This leads to a wall stile in the field corner with a barn on the left. Beyond it, go left by the beck. Forward through two stiles and into woodland ascending to the hamlet of Deerstones.
Beyond the first house, bear right downslope then turn back-right to the bridge. Up the far bank on a wide track.Through the gate at the top and forward aiming just right of the farm. At the next gate go left to the main farm access lane. Turn right along it to the road. Left on the road verge past the highest point. Where the road turns right, continue ahead on a stoned track for just over 1/2 mile keeping left wherever it forks.

Before the last house, take a path easing leftwards onto the moor edge. Keep near the right-hand wall for 400 yards to a square, inscribed stone.
Turn left on the track to the next wall. Turn right before the wall and follow the track for 1/2 mile. Where the wall leaves the track, continue ahead. Just before the next wall, the track bears left and then turn right at a junction by the wall corner. In 400 yards, at the top of the rise, the track swings right but continue straight ahead through the left-hand of two gates. Continue to a surfaced road.
Straight over the road to the right-hand of two gates. Walk along the left-hand edge of the field, through a gate in the far corner and left onto a farm track. Through a gate and along the lane for 500 yards to another gate. Beyond this, pass two short rows of houses. The lane swings left before two large houses and continues to a surfaced road. Left briefly, then right at the road junction and walk 100 yards along to a stile on the right.
Half-left down the field to another stile 20 yards left of a solitary tree. At the bottom of the first slope in the wood turn right, then left at the fork soon after. At the ‘T’ junction turn right down steps and forward at the bottom. At the next junction go straight across, right at the next fork (signed “Public Footpath, Ilkley”) and down more steps to the road. Cross and go left 25 yards to a stile. Descend the path to playing fields and pass the Swimming Baths. Go over the road beyond, and across football fields to the riverside. Turn right to the bridge and left into Ilkley.

Wharfedale Wayfarer Walk 2:-

2. Addingham to Burley in Wharfedale (10 miles) 
In Addingham main street, take Old Station Way by the Fish Restaurant and Post Office. Go uphill and third right into Southfield Lane. At the far end, continue ahead on a streamside path near the top of Southfield Terrace. Cross the top of one field and into an enclosed section. After a left turn, walk up the side of a field to the by-pass. Cross to the path opposite. Bear right round a clump of bushes to a stile in the dip and follow a track uphill to the farm.

walkmap2Pass farm buildings on your left and straight ahead to the house. Left there across the grass to a stile, half-left across the next small plot to a gate onto the access lane. Turn left and follow the lane to the surfaced road. Straight across into another lane to where the track divides. Forward over the cattle grid and then immediately right up a grassy strip. Follow this to the top of the slope and a small grassy area. Ignore the prominent track right, and go ahead through the stile between gates. Along the side of 2 fields then half-right to pass the right-hand end of a building on to the farm track. Turn right on the track for 350 yards (including one left-hand bend) to the road.
Left, then first right by Slade Farm over a ladderstile, up the field side and through the top gate onto moorland. Follow the track for 150 yards then fork right on to a fainter path heading towards the top corner of the right-hand wall. Level with that corner, cross a sunken track and continue to the hilltop. Turn left and stick to the path on, or very near, the top of this slope for the next 2 miles.

Approaching Ilkley, a small reservoir comes into view. Forward on the path close to the reservoir and continue to a surfaced road. Right to the first bridge over a stream. Left there onto a path at right-angles to the road climbing towards a plantation. As you get nearer, select the path across the bottom side of the trees. Forward along the hillside aiming at the top of the next plantation. Pass this and at a fork in the path, go right gaining height passing above White Wells. Head for the next plantation and near it, bear right on an obvious path going across the top of the trees.
Walk forward rising slowly to a large cairn, slightly left there on a clear path, and over a path junction. At the next crest, Cow & Calf rocks can be seen half-left, but continue forward soon descending to a stream and straight up the opposite bank.This path meets a wide track, bear left along it to a large, isolated roundish boulder. At this boulder go a few yards left to the other side of it and take another path ahead. This goes along the top of a downslope to your left. Stay on it for the next 11/4 miles.

After a section alongside a wall, cross a major stream and straight up the other side. At the top, forward on the obvious path. After 100 yards, fork left to stay near the edge. Follow the path to a point opposite an isolated house and bear left on a grassy track down to the road junction. Right on the road for 50 yards and left on the signed concrete path. Before the gates of “Far Brow” go right and cross the fields to the top of a group of houses. Cross their access lane into a short enclosed path. Along the wallside in the field beyond and pass the side of the farm. Turn left after the buildings onto their access lane and follow it to Burley station. Turn right at the road down to the village.