Families at War

 Several local families were particularly affected by the war – this page tells the story of two of them

1. The Kettlewell Family

Jack Kettlewell D.C.M.

Former Mount Hermon Sunday School pupil Jack Kettlewell joined the Duke of Wellington’s regiment and served in the First World War. He attained the rank of Sergeant Major, and was the champion boxer of the regiment.   He was decorated for bravery, being awarded the D.C.M. (Distinguished Conduct Medal) and the M.C. (Military Cross). According to relatives Jack was awarded this medal because he took out a German machine gun post during a battle.
Jack survived the war and on leaving the army he ran a boxing club in Addingham until he emigrated to Australia.



Ellis Kettlewell

Ellis Kettlewell, shown with his wife Hannah, was Jack Kettlewell’s uncle. He served in the Royal Engineers in the First World War.   Quite a number of the Kettlewell family had Sunday School connections with Mount Hermon Chapel in their younger days.    In the Sunday School register for 1902 are the names of Willie;  Fred;  Harry;  Tom;  Lizzie and Jack.



Left to right: Lister, Ellis, Harry, Hannah & Gaythorne Kettlewell.




2. The Smith Family sacrifice

 The following newspaper cutting shows the many members of the family of Mr & Mrs Fred Smith of Church Street, Addingham, who served in the Great War



In the middle row, from left to right, are Private Craven Sith, Private Tom Smith, Private Reuben Smith, Private John Smith and Able Seaman Allan Smith. On the bottom row are Private Willie Smith and son-in-law Private Harry Wilkinson.

Out of this family group, John Smith was wounded and Rueben and Willie Smith lost their lives (see Roll of Honour Pt.2).




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