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From High Mill Lane down to Low Mill

This is the third page of the History of Shops and Businesses.

Page 1 goes from the top of the village (Silsden Road) and down to 103 Main Street.
Page 2 goes from there down to High Mill Lane.

 Address Business Name Type of Business Dates Notes Photos
137 Main St Harry & Bell Gill (Gyll?) Fish & Chips 1930s to '60s    
Thorntons 1970s to '80s    
Addingham Fisheries 1980s to 2013   2004
Spice Fusion Indian Take-away 2013 to Present    
138 Main St John Robinson Master Grocer In 1851 census On corner beside Mount Hermon. There were 2 or 3 woolcombers cottages(?) on site of Mount Hermon chapel. 1870s?
Bank of Liverpool Bank In 1909 In Craven Household Almanac  
Midland Bank Bank In 1940s    
Martins Bank Bank To 1960s Demolished 1960s to widen road 1950s
139 Main St J W Bean Cash Grocer & Provisions In 1910    
G Holmes Butcher 1930s    
Gayles Greengrocer 1940s    
Smailes Greengrocer 1940s to 1950s    
Ruth Langford Dressmaker In 1960s    
Mick's Videotech Video rental & confectionary etc. 1960s to 2005   2004
The Shop General Store 2005 to 2007    
Good Food Deli Delicatessan 2007 to 2013    
Addingham Sandwich Shop Sandwiches etc. 2013 to present    
140 Main St Thompson's Haberdashery, dress alterations etc. 1910s to '20s    
M D Spinks M.P.S. Dispensing Chemist In 1972 Wines Spirits & Cyder, Spices & Flavourings.  
A E 'Lizzie' Roe (then Phyllis) Draper & outfitter, Ladies & childrens wear, Haberdashery 1970s? to 2003 Lizzie Roe, she was formally at Manchester House. (132? Main St) beside Crown. 2002
The Olive Branch Baby, Cards, Gifts 2003 to present   2009
14 Victoria Terrace Peter Jennison Coal Merchants & Demolition contractor In 1972    
141 Main St H&J  Adams Ironmongery, Flowers to present Originally basement of house above. Extended to left (now 'Flowers by Anne' Adams). Hedley & Joyce Adams were James' parents. 1991
141a? Main St (hut where Adam's Florist now is)   Cobbler   For short time only  
142 Main St Vickers Fortune Grocer & Corn Dealer In 1851 census    
143 Main St H Buckle Sweets & Ice Cream 1930s to 1960s  'Most famous ice cream in Yorkshire'  
143/145 Main St Bob Holmes General Store Late 1960s to 1980s Cottage altered to make house & shop  
Petty's General Store 1980s (for about 1 year)    
Nelsons Newsagents General Store, Off Licence, Newsagent 1980s to 1990s Shop expanded into extension.  
The Village Store General Store (Lady)      
The Village Store General Store (Mr Achtar) to 2011 Burnt out, with next door house. Converted to housing 2014.  
145 Main St       House, combined with 143 as shop 1970s  
144 Main St John Wall Maltster In 1851 census Wall family initials on datestone. Connection to Malt Kiln behind.  
146 Main St Isabella Ellis Straw Bonnet maker In 1851 census    
Atack Brothers General Store/Grocer c.1900s to 1950s Mr Atack High School Governor. Walked with 2 sticks. 1909
Skinners General Store/Grocer   Number 148?  
Powel's General Store/Grocer in mid 1950s    
Bob Holmes Greengrocer   Also ran General Store across road.  
W Ellis Groceries & provisions In 1972    
Barclay's Bank? Bank   Thursday mornings only  
Henry Spencer Estate Agent in 1988 After being empty for while. 1988
White Cross Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Surgeon To 1996    
Reelia Rugby balls, Shoes (office) 1996 to 2010 Closed 2010  
Main Boutique Boutique clothes 2012 to 2014 Moved from and to 82 Main St  
Harewood Shoes Shoe shop 2014 to2014 Closed. Only opened occasionally for few months.  
146a (above 146) Dentist   To c.1998    
148 Main St Thomas Wall Flour Dealer In 1851 census    
Mr & Mrs Jennings Sweets & Tobaco, Teas for cyclists etc. 1930s to 1940s    
Mrs Skinner Sweets & Tobaco, Tearoom 1940s to 1960s Now housing  
150 Main St Joshua Breare III Stone Mason In 1851 census    
Blagborough's Coal Merchant 1940s to mid 1950s at least. Coal yard at Station. Converted to housing  
Tank Boutique clothes 2004? to 2007 Business moved to 84 Main St. Now offices. 2005
149 Main St Conservative Club   to 1951   1951
Royal British Legion   1951 to 2004    
Addingham Social Club   2004 to present   2004
151a Main St Medical Centre Medical Centre 2009 to present Dr Suleman moved from 103 Main St.  
151b Main St Clayfields Pharmacy Pharmacy 2010 to present Moved from 74, Main St  
4 Stockinger Lane Mr Smith Cobbler Late 1920s to 1940    
Mr Snowdon Cobbler 1940 to 1950    
5 Stockinger Lane Whittakers Joinery, Carts      
G Atkins Joinery 1950s to  present Also milkman of Springfield Mount.  See above.  
Smithy Fold (now Kitty Fold) William Dean Blacksmith 1820s    
Batty Emmott in 1920s to 1940s Emmot lived at 1 Stockinger Lane. Now James Adams' storeroom.  
152 Main St (beside Fleece) Joe Hudson Rag & bone business 1940s Worked from home  
? Fish & Chips   Short lived business  
? Greengrocer   Short lived business  
? Dried Flowers c.2000 Short lived business  
The Fleece Deli Delicatessen & coffee shop 2012 to present    
154 Main St The (Golden) Fleece (Inn) Public House, built 1700s In 1817 Richard Wall family were landlords. Also ran the Malt Kiln q.v. Owner - William Cunliffe of Farfield Hall.



In 1851 Landlord - Henry Grey  
1937 to 1945 Landlord - Harold & Nellie Hillbrook  
1950s Mr & Mrs Heap (Mr Heap died)  
1976 to 1990 Landlord - David & Janet Harrison  
2012 to present Landlord - Craig Minto (also runs Craven Heifer)  
154a Main St  (Fleece Barn)   Gymnasium, Car repairs, storage (H&J Adams)      
Readshaws Joiners Shop above barn(stone steps at rear) 1930s to 1950s Now pub dining room.  
The Saw Mill Anthony Fentiman & Sons Cotton spinner 1796 to 1850s    
Wm. Brear & Sons Sawmill, furniture maker 1860 to 2000 Converted to housing


162 Main St Jimmy Hadley Garage & filling station. to 1950s Signs said 'Free petrol tomorrow' & 'If ye go by and empty be: The fault's on you and not on me: I am here and hinder none: Fill up, pay, and carry on'. 1950s
Freddy Metcalf (owned by W Lambert of Townhead Mill) Garage & filling station. 1950s to 1970s Freddy Metcalf was formerly Jimmy Hadley's mechanic.  
Phillip Walton Carpets and flooring 1990s to 2012 Moved to Townhead 2003
Co-op  Convenience Store 2013 to present    
161 Main St, Townend Farm E Todd Farm & Milk 1920s    
W Todd's Coal Coal yard and milk 1930s Moved from 1 Moor Lane (Todd s were brothers)  
Spinks Medicine bottles etc. 1980s House & buildings  
Church St G Whittaker Egg laying unit (Gold medal winning)   Site of Orchard Estate (Built 1990s)  
Church St Telephone Exchange     Now housing  
7?Church St (corner of now Orchard Lane) Mrs Sowter (lived on North St) Ice cream & sweets & Sunday papers 1930s to 1950s Wooden shop,demolished and became garden + hen pens etc. Travelled the area & Bolton Abbey.  
12 (or 16/18?) Church St & barn workshop (now a house 8 Church St) John England Carpenter & Joiner In 1817    
William England Master carpenter In 1851    
Thomas England Carpenter/Wheelright? In 1851    
Margaret England Dressmaker In 1851    
J England Joiner & Undertaker 1920s to ?   2006
Dixon's Joiner & undertaker to 1950s Dixon & Flint for short period prior.  
Smithy Cottage, 15 Church St John Fawcett Blacksmith In 1765 Forge on site of cottages in Parkinson Fold  
John & James Fawcett Blacksmiths In 1825  
Parkinson Fold Barn (behind Fir Cottage) Anne Lister Oatcake baker In 1851    
George Lister Master Shoemaker In 1851    
Wm. Dickinson's Garage Garage 1950s to1960s Moved from Bolton Rd and to Ilkley Road q.v.  
Church St/North St corner W (Bill) Bradley Engineering works 1920s to 1950s Trialled Scott motorcycle. Textile machinery patents  
Gerald Clapham (son in law) Storage 1950s to 1980s Demolished 1986, now housing 1986
25 Church St Elizabeth Frank Alehose 1679/80 to 1704 Widow of Ingram Frank (or Francis)  
Kings Arms (Head) Public House 1670s to 1830s Innkeeper was Brian Bailey then Marmaduke Spencer. Church warden meetings held there. 1828
James Miller Master Grocer      
Cox's Sweet shop & Provisions 1920s to late 1940s Popular with children from Low School!  
Mr & Mrs Hall Sweet shop & Provisions Late 1940s to 1950s ditto  
H Tipling Sweets & Tobacconist 1950s to 1970s ditto  
By the Way Hair design, provisions & Country Cooking 1970s to  late 1980s Converted to housing 1990s 1980s
27a Church St Nat Smith Battery hens, Egg shop underneath Late 1930s Listed wooden barn attached to No.27. Demolished 2004? following gale damage.  
Gerald Clapham Storage (engineering etc.) to 2000?  
8 North St Henry Wall Butcher In 1851 Shop may have been elsewhere. House enlarged following year with his initials on datestone.  
c. 16 North St Major Holmes Ferryman (for ferry on site of present suspension bridge) In 1851 Suspension Bridge built 1896. Washed away 1934 and then present one built  
Ilkley Road/Church St Sant's Nursery Plant nursery, Dahlias etc. 1950s to late 1980s Site of Croft House Fold etc. 1960s?
Ilkley Road ('Motel' site and present Telephone Exchange) ? Kennels for foxhounds      
  Market Garden 1920s to 1930s    
Grenville Holmes Haulage & small private garaging 1940s to 1950s Moved from Cornerstones. Bungalow on site.  
Grenville Holmes Garage, Petrol station, bungalow Late 1950s    
Fred Ridley Garage & filling station.      
Wm. Dickinson Garage,filling station & Farm Machinery. 1960s to 1970s Demolished. Planning permission granted for Motel in 1995, renewed 2000.  
Ilkley Road Wallbanks Dairymen 1940s - 1960s Lived at Lung Gill Farm. Had very large milk round.  
Cornerstones (Ilkley Road/Church St junction) Junction Inn Inn 1800s to 1930s? Innkeeper Joseph Taylor in 1851 1800s
Cornerstones Tearoom & petrol station. Tearoom and petrol filling station 1920s to 1939 Filling station run by Grenville Holmes (moved to Ilkley Rd. Mr Hoffman-Wood lived there later. Demolished 1944 after forces wrecked it while billeted there during W.W.2. Now Council Yard etc. 1940s?
Low Mill, Old Lane Listers Textile mill 1787 to 1941 Wharfedale Mill built 1926 - now apartments. 1930s
SU Carburettors Engineering works 1941 to 1945 Spitfire plane carburettors made. Low part of site - entry from Sandbeds, with high fences for security.  
Listers Textile mill 1945 to 1976    
Blacks Warehouse (shoes etc.) 1980s    
Straum Wool scouring mill 2001 to 2007 Straum then Wool Processing Ltd. Converted to housing.  

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