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Top of the village (Silsden Rd) and down to 103 Main Street

The following table is an attempt to chronicle the changing face of shopping in Addingham. Seeing the small number of shops in the village now, it may come as a surprise to see how many there were in years gone by but, of course, in the days before motor transport was readily available even a trip to Ilkley was a major event.

There are still lots of question marks, and this list will never be complete and accurate, but I would like to thank all those that have given information, including Len Hudson, Andrew Watson, David Harrison, Gloria Stitt and, particularly, Phyllis Robinson with her remarkable memory. If you can fill in any of the gaps or answer any of the questions please contact the webmaster using the Contact Form.

Because of the length of this list it is divided over three pages - this page starts at the top of the village (Silsden Rd) and down to 103 Main Street.

Page 2 goes from there down to High Mill Lane.
Page 3 goes from High Mill Lane down to Low Mill.

 Address Business Name Type of Business Dates Notes Photos
Silsden Road – Cringles    Drum & Monkey Sweets & Cigarettes   Mrs Scott (Jane’s mother in law) (roadside stall)  
Silsden Road Lower Band 'Oile Addingham Brass Band 1800 - 1930 Used as band meeting place & store. Now a smallholding.  
1 Moor Lane  Todds Coal  Coal Merchant 1930's Yard at Burnside Mill, moved to Town Gate  
1 Skipton Road Lister's Farm Milkman 1930's to 1960's The Listers famed land now Moor Park Estate. Barn at 2 Skipton Road opposite q.v.  1920's
Lister's Timber/firewood To present    
2 Skipton Road (Barn) Lister's Farm barn Milking parlour To 1960's at least Alfie Lister milked here until 1960's at least. Now housing.  
Haghead (now Highfield Farm) Skipton Road Timothy Brear Chairmaker In 1851 census to 1860 Before his son William moved business to the Sawmill site.  
The Green Timothy Roe Besom (broom) maker In 1851 census    
40 Moor Park Drive David S Croft Roofing contractors In 1972    
5 Main Street - Townhead Mill    Ambrose Dean Cotton spinning, Calico manufacturer 1802 to 1820    
John Cockroft    In 1838    
Thomas Beck   In 1845 Shown as a sawmill in 1850 (1st Ed. OS Map)  
W M Watson & Co Ltd. Textile Mill 1927 to 1971 Run by W M Watson 1927 till his death in 1932. Then run by W Lambert. Burnt down 1971 1950's
Townhead Trading Estate Palladium Home Furnishing Carpets & Flooring To 2000?    
Ash Furniture Hire In 1997      
Steve Mann Caravan servicing To 2008? Moved to Ilkley  
Premier Car Valeting Car valeting      
Planet Earth Tiles & flooring 2000? to present   2003
Andrew Green Car Servicing 1990's to present    
Limekiln Furniture Wooden furniture makers 2009 to present    
6 Main Street         Craven Heifer         Public House         Early 1800's William Bramley  
In 1851 Census John Stirk  1900's
In 1909 J J Walker  
1940's Walker family  
? Harold Johnson  1950's
In 1972 Sandy & Kathleen Gunn  
1995? to 2012 Sam Renton  
2012 to 2020 Craig Minto (also runs the Fleece)  2010
2020 to present Croft Family  
8 Main Street Top Smithy Blacksmith      
18? Main Street   Shackleton's Grocery & General Store 1930's to 1950's End of row of cottages  
Alan Thompson Grocery & General Store Late 1050's to 1960's    
M Roe Greengrocer 1960's For a short while before demolished (site now grass in front of bungalows)  
23 Main Street  Henry Gill Draper In 1909 Craven Household Almanac 1909  
30 or 32 Main Street Residence of John Beck Master Builder In 1851 census Location of business unknown. Employed 20 men & 3 apprentices - probably biggest builder in Addingham at the time.  
36 Main Street Sidney "Cloggy" Steel Clog Maker, Shoe Repairs 1920's? Moved to 71 Main Street 1910's
Peter Barton Guitars Instrument maker 2007 to present Moved from 2 Bolton Road  
Salt Pie (behind 38 Main Street) Henry Prior Clock & Watch Repairer In 1851 census Relative of George Prior, clockmaker of Nesfield & Leeds  
40 - 42 Main Street James Cockshott Master Draper In 1851 census No. 40 was his residence but it connected internally with workrooms in no. 42.  
Caravan Houses (in front of 43 Main Street) Mary Demain Bread Baker In 1851 census Bread Baker distinguishes her from oatcake bakers  
43 Main Street Ivy Farm Farm To 1950's Farmed by Freddie Blaythorne, who at one time worked at the Sawmill  
45 Main Street The (Jolly) Sailor  Public House  In 1851 census Sarah Hartley  
Before 1838 to 2013 Eddie Baker 1940's? 1960's
The Fuggle Public House 2014 to 2021 Etch Greenwood  
The Lord Addingham Public House 2021 to present Liam ?  
44 Main Street (High Bank House) Dr Wynn Doctor's Surgery 1950's to 1978    
Dr Raubitschek Doctor's Surgery 1978 to c. 1980    
46 Main Street (High Bank Barn) Arthur (?) Flint Joinery In 1956 Mrs Sue Preston's father (lived top of Moor Lane)  
Parry Adhesives Ltd Adhesives 1990's (?) to 2007?   2005
Around 47 - 51 Main Street   John & Joseph Gill Cloggers In 1851 census      
John Boyd Chimney Sweep    
Robert Watkinson Coal Dealer    
48a Main Street Miss Bye Sweets & Tobacco Closed 1930's Bottom of row  
48 Main Street  David Laxton & Alan Wright Dental Surgeons 1990? to 1996    
 S R Hick Dental Surgeons 1996? to 2009?    2006
54 Main Street (Daisy Hill Barn) Bye's Basket & Mat Maker To 1960's    
61 Main Street   Steels Farmhouse Farm From 1800's to 1950's Farmed land which is now Green Lane, Burns Hill  
Joseph Steel Public telephone call office In 1909 Craven Household Almanac 1909  
Steels Coaches (Jack Steel now Tim Steel) Coaches & Travel 1940's to present Had garage on School Lane in front of Wharfedale View in mid-1950's. Garage now at Steeton  2008
69 Main Street Harry Stirk Wireless relay, accumlator charging   Charging in barn behind shop. Or was he at 61?  
70/72 Main Street     "Tinny" Whittaker Ironmonger - parafin, gas mantles, screws, nails, black lead, possers & scrubbing boards for washing. 1930's to 1950's/60's Workshop behind Sailor (Well House). Owned by Mr Dewhirst  
Teddy Lawson Plumber 1960's?    
Cebar Lace        
Addingham Antiques Antiques Shop Before 1971 to 1996   1971
The Precision Plastic Ball Co. Plastic balls for engineering & technical applications 1996? to present    
71 Main Street    Sidney "Cloggy" Steel Clog maker, shoe repairs 1930's to 1960's Moved from 36 Main Street (his home)  
The Corner Cupboard  Prints, paintings, antique furniture, brass, copper, oil lamps, silver & plate,, old & new fittings etc. 1960's to 1970's    
Gallery Imprint Prints 1970's Then housing 1960's
TP Books Children's books 2004 to present   2003
74 Main Street     Holmes   1920's    
Bayliss Bakers & confectioners, taxi, bookmaker 1940's Lived above & behind shop  
Addingham Antiques Antique shop Before 1971 to 1996? With 70 & 72 Main Street 1971
Clayfield Pharmacy Pharmacy To 2010 Moved to 151b Main Street (beside Medical Centre) 2004
Locks of Love Hair extensions etc. Oct. 2014 to present    
Wolsley Shed, Main Street Bolton, Emmot & Cockroft Mill Textile Mill 1803 to 1953 Later owned by Walton demolished 1980's 1970's
Cisterns Ltd Plastic Baths 1968 Part of Cisterns Ltd at Barcroft Shed. See below.  
Todds Coal Coal Merchant 1930's Sailor end - access from Sailor Pub. Office at 1 Moor Lane, moved to yard at Townend  
Cockshott Fold (at entrance to Burnside Mill)  Elizabeth Whitaker Dressmaker In 1851 census    
James Dean Master Tailor      
Burnside Mill, Main Street  Listers Burnside Mill Textiles, silk mill 1802 to 1950's Machinery moved to other mill at Barrow-in-Furness. Mill transport driver J Robinson (D Robinson from 1956) 1960's
Manior Barn Pine Pine furniture 1950's too 2000 Moved to Skipton - now housing 1990's
76 Main Street   Stapleton's Fish & Chips Up to 1960's    
The Bakery Bakery From 1979 Anne & Ciaran Wyer (short period only). Converted to house.  
Sir George Martin Trust  Charity Office 1960's to 2012 Converted to house 2013 2003
76 or 78 Main Street Thomas Wharton & Robert Towson Butchers In 1851 census    
77 Main Street H (Arthur?) Holmes Painter & Decorator   Mrs Donald Smith's parents. Demolished 1960's?  
78 Main Street Lizzy Roe Greengrocer To late 1930's In front of house. Elephant got stuck in doorway (ref. Kate Mason) 1910
Gertie Rowe (Roe?) Greengrocer 1940's Now demolished  
78 or 82 Main Street James Lister Carrier In 1851 Census    
82 Main Street    W Lister Grocers & Provender Merchants     1910
C G Whitham Grocer In 1909 Craven Household Almanac 1909  
W Whitham & Sons (Herbert) Grocers & Provender Merchants 1930's too 1960's (early to mid) See also 113 Main Street  
The Fabric Shop Fabric Sales 1960's to 2006 Philip H Crabtree (mother was Mrs Whitham). Formerly at Upper Gatecroft Farm.  


Tank Boutique Boutique clothes 2007 to 2008 (closed) Business moved from 150 Main Street 2008
Main Boutique Boutique clothes 2009 to 2012 Moved to 146 Main Street  
Bo & Birdy Lifestyle 2013 too 2014 Closed down  
Main Womenswear Clothing, jewelry, bags, scarves 2014 to present Moved from 146 Main Street (see above)  
2 Chapel Street    News Office? Newspaper office (Addingham Iris?)   Faint wording over doorway. 2002
W Whitham & Sons Greengrocer 1950's Brother of 82 Main Street business. Moved to 113 Main Street.  
The Fabric Shop Fabric sales 1960's to 2006 Part of 82 Main Street business


Geraldine Thompson Studio Art Studio 2012 to present    
Chapel Street Loomshop   Loomshop        
Fabric Shop Storeroom To 2006 See 82 Main Street. Converted to housing. 2002
Top of Chapel Street on left Cockshotts Slaughterhouse   See 97 Main Street  
10 Chapel Street (corner of Riddings Lane) Isabella Breare (widow of Samuel Breare, carrying on his business) Brick & tile manufacturer employing 7 labourers In 1851 census Residence only; brickyard probably in fields on road to Silsden.  
Riddings Farm David F Wilkinson Dairyman In 1972 Farm bottled milk, cream, eggs, etc.  
Ghyll Rise, 255 School Lane Rodney Doyle Dairyman In 1972 Fresh double cream, farm bottled milk from brucellosis free herd, fresh farm eggs.  
School Lane Brown & Blight Builders & plumbers In 1972    
Burns Hill Duncan Hall Dairyman 1990's to present Also semi-professional singer  
84 Main Street Mrs England & son Sam General store & off-license 1800 to 1950's Sam delivered with home made box cart. Sweets e.g. Kaylie/sherbert & spanish liqorice  
J S & J Grayson Grocer & off-license, Findus frozen foods, ice cream In 1972 Orders delivered  
The Corner Shop  General store & off-license In 1979 C & L D Base  
The Corner Shop

General store & off-license

To 1996? Converted to housing 1991
86 Main Street (before present building erected) John Cockshott Textile warehouse In 1820    
86 Main Street  Halifax Joint Stock banking Bank In 1909 Craven Household Almanac 1909  
Lloyds Bank Bank 1930's to 1971 Converted to housing 1971
87 Main Street Thomas Benson & family Grocers In 1891 census Thomas's son Abraham & his wife Martha Benson plus at least 1 daughter, Martha was William Brear's eldest child (see Sawmill). By 1901 census family had moved to Blackpool.  
88 Main Street Pearce Bros. Electrical Engineers & Contractors 1960's to 1970's Front room of house  - a few years only 1971
93 Main Street Alexica Translation Services 1990's too 2022    
94 Main Street Chrissy Horsman Ladies Hairdresser 1930's to 1940's Front room of house. Moved to 105 Main Street.  
95 Main Street        ? Grocer & Laundry receiving of. From 1900's In 1917 (photo) c. 1910
Hall Grocer 1940's?    
Mr & Mrs Mills Grocer & General Store 1930's    
Bert (Ted?) & Mrs Taylor

Grocer & General Store

1940's to 1970's Son ernest was burnt in air crash (only survivor)  

Grocer & General Store

Carr   1970's    
Gill Anthony Interiors Soft furnishings & art gallery 1995? to 2000 Converted to housing 1997
Lovebirds Bridal Bridal Wear Oct. 2014 to ?    
97 Main St Piece Hall (Cockshot) Textile & Wool sales (after Fleece) 1820s to 1838? Doubt expressed by Arnold Pacey. Might have been grocer's from start. 1971
James Hudson Grocer & corn dealer 1838? to after 1851    
John Cockshott & Son (Eric & Tom) Butcher 1930s to late 1950s The 'poor man's butcher'!  Slaughter house in Chapel St. 1950s
Terry Smith High Class Beef & Pork Butcher 1960s to 1980s    
A C Burns Family Butcher in 1996 Converted to housing 1996
98 Main St Lily Harrison (followed her father) Haberdashery/Draper 1930s to 1960 Materials (gents worsted & tailoring materials etc) Sold rolls of lino (1940s), Hair ribbons (red white & blue for victory.  
La Donna/Cutting Line Ladies hairdresser 1960s to present Re-named c.2007  
99 Main St (below steps) Miss Curwin Sweets, crisps, pop, biscuits etc. 1930s to late '40s/early '50s Miss Curwin lived there 1930 to 1950s.  
Pearce Electrics Lock up store 1950s to ? Now house with large window  
100 Main St Arthur Roe's Papershop Newsagents, sweets & toys 1930s to late 1950s Sunny Stories, School Friend, Girl, Eagle & Children's Newspaper in 1940s 1910s?
Beans Newsagents 1960 to 1970    
Harry Roe Newsagents 1970 to 1979 Arthur Roe's son  
Rawsthorne Newsagents Newsagents etc. in 1979    
Addingham Newsagency Newsagents to 1997 Sue & Bill Preston 1996
Addingham Newsagency Newsagents   Colin & Simon Wilson 2004
Addingham Newsagency Newsagents to 2006 Burnt out 2006 2006
Addingham Newsagents Newsagents 2009 - present Mark Preston 2009
101 Main St Mrs Ivy Musson Milliner 1930s to early '40s Now house  
102 Main St G Whittaker Boots & Shoes to late 1950 Mr Whitaker had hens & gave children eggs for tea. Combined with 104 Main St. c.1950  
104 Main St Harry Stirk Household , Kitchen goods, Wirelesses, TVs, Bicycles (all sizes), Toys (inc. Dinky Toys) from late 1930s - 1950s Combined with 102 Main St c.1950  
102/4 Main St P Street Chemist 1950s to 1970    
D Spinks Chemist & Vet. Supplis in 1970s   1970s
Staffords Antiques General antiques & used furniture In 1977-9 And at Haworth  
Village Antiques Antique Shop in March 1983    
Andrew Hird Insurance Broker to present   2009
103 Main St - School Bridge House William Lister Registrar (postmaster?). Farmed 400 acres. In 1851 census    
Thomas Lister Retired tallow chandler In 1851 census    
Miss S M Lister Post Office & Telegraph Office In 1909 Craven Household Almanac 1909  
Lister Tallow chandler, Post Office, Registrar, Carrier. Pre 1914 to 1930s Wife was schoolteacher in Old School (Girls) c.1914
Miss Alice Dinsdale Bakers & Confectioner large jam pastries & cakes in window)   If your face didn't fit she wouldn't serve you!' Married Jack Dixon's father. Lived to 101 (in 2000)  
G F Riley Baker & Confectioner in  1950s to 1973+ Wedding  & Birthday cakes 1973
The Bakery Baker To 1979 Moved to 76, Main St. qv  
Dr Raubitschek Doctor's Surgery c.1980 to 2006   2004
Dr Suleman Doctor's Surgery 2006 to 2009 Moved to Medical Centre, Memorial Close



From School Bridge down to High Mill Lane

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