The Great War Introduction

The Great War 1914 – 1918

Life in the trenches‘We Who Served…’ by Catherine Snape

This book about Addingham and Addinghammers in the First World war is now available – see details on Addingham Civic Society Books Page.

This section was originally compiled by Michael John Tagg and has been up-dated and expanded with additional information from various sources, including James Cooper and, particularly, from Edgar Clarkson, whose researches were also shown in an exhibition that he mounted at Mount Hermon Chapel. He, and we, have also referred to ‘Craven’s Part in the Great War’ (, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( and the Ilkley Gazette (

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The First World War (or ‘The Great War’) was devastating to the towns and villages of Britain. Prior to 1914 the British Army was comparatively small by European standards. Britain at that time had a smaller population than Germany or France, but was the foremost industrial and trading country. To address our trade and imperial commitments Britain had the worlds largest navy – for every 3 Dreadnought battleships in the world, 2 were British. European politics had developed into a balance of power between Germany and The Austrian Empire, against France and Russia, Britain had made commitments through treaties with Belgium to protect her neutrality. Unfortunately circumstances between Serbia and Austria and an expansive militaristic government in Germany made the conflict inevitable. Germany declared war on France 3rd August 1914 and invaded Belgium on 4th of August 1914. Britain was committed to honour her treaties and declared war on Germany on August the 4th 1914, The following four years of war was the worst carnage and loss of life due to conflict the world had ever witnessed.

The War was also called “THE WAR TO END ALL Wars”………..


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