Story of Addingham Shops 2

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This is the second page of the History of Shops and Businesses, from School Bridge down to High Mill Lane.
Page 3 goes from there down to Low Mill.
Near School Bridge George Whitaker Barber & Wood Turner In 1851 census
Barn by beck Pop Harrison Lemonade & Mineral water 1930s Up steps
Tinny’ Whittaker Used as workshop 1940s See 70 Main St
Flint & Dickson Joinery, Undertaker 1940s to 50s? In barn 2010
Ridley’s? Storeroom
106 Main St The Swan (Hotel) Public House In 1851 census Sarah Briggs
In 1909 J Walker
1940s to 1960s Mr & Mrs Thornber
to 2014 Name changed to Black Swan c.1910 1920s? 2003
The Swan Stables Behind pub Demolished 1960s? To make access to field. Now car park
The Black Swan Public House 2014 on Re-named from The Swan
105? Main St (now has wooden door) E Pendlety? Chemist 1930s
? Draper 1930s? Ref. Sis Appleyard interview
Chrissy Horsman Ladies Hairdresser 1940s to ’50 Moved to Ilkley
Post Office 1960s Had robbery then moved back to 119 Main St.
Mrs Curtis Ladies Hairdresser
Pat Lindley & mother Ladies Hairdresser 1950s to 1960s
Mrs Ward Ladies Hairdresser 1960 to ’70 1997 2010
107 Main St Mr Cotton Bicycle & pram, toys etc. repairer 1940s Repairs in his spare time
Decor Mart (Dicky Rishworth) Decorating supplies Late 1950s to  1970s 1970s
Maurice Roe Greengrocer 1970s to 1980s
Fruit Basket(Terry Pullan) Greengrocer, Fish & Flowers Late 1980s to 1997 Converted to housing 1997
Back St (now George St) Jane Fieldhouse Bread baker In 1851 census
2-3 Brumfitt Hill George Brumfitt Carrier 1770s on Despatched parcels to York regularly, by wagon.
Edward Brumfitt After George
Edward Brumfitt Innkeeper 1796 to after 1800
George Brumfitt Farmer 1851 to 1869 Farmed 60 acres
Old School, left side ground floor John Horsman Gents Hairdresser 1880 to late 1890s
Harry Horsman Gents Hairdresser Late 1890s to 1940s 1930s?
Old School, right side ground floor Mrs L Gill (‘Auntie Lily’) Hardware to 1930s 1928
Mrs Bobby Household crockery 1940s
Old School ground floor Public Library Library c.1940 to present Right side only until Horsman’s closed 1991
Old School,first floor Mr Lemmon(School head) Yorkshire penny bank 1930s to 1950s? On Monday nights
Council Room 1930s to present
113 Main St Harry Ridley Fish & Chip Shop 1940s to 1950s
Eric Roe Fish & Chips 1950s to 1960s Combined with 115 below
115 Main St (then ‘Front St’) Henry Flescher Bland Grocer, Draper, calico manufacturer In 1851 census
113/5 Main St W Whitham (Willie) Fish, Fruit, Flowers, Frozen foods, Yorkhams & Walls’ sausages, Poultry & Fresh Cream daily. 1960s 113, extended to include 115 Main St. Address given as 113 Main St. 1970s
Manor Barn Pine Pine furniture in 1980 1980
The Village Bakery Bakery in August 1984
Maude’s Tearoom, Outside Catering
Good Food Shop(Pam Hartley) Quality food & outside catering. 1990s to 2007 2006
GFS Café & Bistro Café,Bistro & outside catering 2007 to 2008 Closed due to building collapse. Rebuilt 2010. 2008 2009 2010
Frewin’s Café & Bistro Café & Bistro 2012 Closed Oct 2012
Cardamons Indian Restaurant 2013 to present Opened Oct 2013
114 Main St Mary Anne Breare Lodging House In 1851 census
117 – 119 Main St Douglas Simpson Post Office 1920s to 1940s
Mr & Mrs Jones Post Office Late 1940s to late ’50s Took business to No.105 for short time. Back after robbery.
Mrs M O’Neil Post Office & Drug Store, Leather goods, Jewellery, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Handbags Late 1950s to 1970s Extended to include No.117 c.1960 1950s
Post Office Stores Post Office, In 1979 Paul & Ann Coughlin
Post Office & Dacre Son & Hartley Post Office & Estate Agent From 1985 ditto
Post Office Post Office to present 2003
120 Main St Mick Roe Joinery 1990s to present
121 Main St William Whitham Tailor In 1909 Craven Household Almanac 1909
Eriic Whitham Gent’s Tailor In 1940s to 1987 Converted to housing 1987 1950s 1966
Sugar Hill James Whitaker Master cordwainer (shoes) In 1851 census
Under railway bridge Main St  Hut 1 A Scott Pork Butcher 1910 to 1930s? Used as store for W Whittam. Demolished late 1960s 1966
Under railway bridge Main St Hut 2 Co-Operative in 1966 Demolished c.1970 – Now Sugar Hill Green 1966
C H (J E ) Carr Grocer & café 1930s to 1960s 1966
Duckworth’s Grocer, then café Late 1960s to c.1970
Under railway bridge Main St Hut 3 W Bye Basket Maker & coconut fibre mats to 1970s? Wooden hut. Demolished late 1960s 1966
122 Main St (left end of 124) ? Cobbler 1930s 1920s?
Halifax Building Society Insurance Office 1940s Dark shop with drab curtains. Open once a week.
122 – 124 Main St Tom West Butcher 1900s 1920s?
J Dixon Butcher 1930s
J Dixon & Sons Butchers 1940s to 1957 Moved across to 127 Main St
Jemma Hall Dress making
Mrs Robinson Antiques
Bits and Pieces Antiques In 1977
Mrs Raubitschek Antiques 1980s (short time only)
Keith Ives Art Gallery
Andrew Hird Insurance consultant in 1991 1991
Technick Dental technicians to 1998
Hadfield Photocraft Printing, Copying 1998 to present 2010
123 Main St Old Station Fisheries Fish & Chips (Restaurant) 1970 to present (Restaurant closed 2000?) Built after railway bridge demolished 2005
Behind George Street (now Ridley’s Fold) Ridley’s Builders Builders yard 1888 to 1970s? Now Ridleys Fold – had access to Main St & barn beside beck and from Brick Road
Brick Road (beside Railway embankment) Barcroft Shed (Adams) Textile mill 1925 to 1959 Walk in access from steps to Southfield Terrace. Goods from S/F Lane past poultry sheds & garaging.  Fire in grounds 1973 caused by cleaner burning rubbish. Closed 1990, now West Croft estate (Wimpey) 1930s
Cisterns Ltd. Sanitary ware in 1968
Varley Cisterns, Bartol Plastics Sanitary ware  & rainwater goods in 1970s
Fordham, Ramfield, Spring Ram Plastic sanitary ware 1973
Southfield Farm Clays of Addingham Builders & farmers 1971 to present Builder now based at Skipton
126 Main St Samuel West Master shoemaker In 1851 census No. 126 or thereabouts
Almond Demains Tobaconist & snuff etc.& sweets 1930s to late 1950s or early 1960s
Jim Adams Tobaconist & sweets  Mid to late 1950s to 1960s Extended into 128 Main St selling trinkets etc.
Michael’s Electrical Electrical & Electronic sales & repairs  1960s to 2013 Closed Sept. 2013 P
127 Main St Marmaduke Spencer Grocer Before 1801 – 1838
William Spencer Grocer & Druggist 1840s Druggist ‘laboratory’  behind shop in Druggist Lane
Joshua Taylor Druggist In 1851
Mr Harrison Druggist In 1909 Craven Household Almanac 1909
E Varley Grocery & Provisions to c.1915 1920s
C Flint & Sons Grocery & Provisions c.1915 to 1957 Sue Preston’s grandfather. Used as house by Gilbert Thorpe for short period before bought by Dixons
J Dixon & Sons Family Butcher c.1960 to present Front part of building demolished.c.1960 1991
129 Main St John Whitham Greengrocer In 1851 census
J Edwards Gents Hairdresser 1940s to c.1960
A Edwards Gents Hairdresser c.1960 to 1980s
? Solicitors office 1980s to 1990s
Cameo Ladies Hairdresser Late 1990s to present The Wardrobe’ clothes included 2013 2002
135 Main St (Corner of Lodge Hill) William Spencer Coffee roasting establishment 1842 – ?
Maria then Mary Spencer (daughter) Sweets & Tobacco, Bread, Cotton Tape, Soda Water refills. Advert for Liver Pills & Bile Beans. Early 1920s to 1990 now housing. Spencers lived in Crown Cottage.
3 Lodge Hill T Carr Roofing contractors 1980s? To present
Lodge Hill Jmes Petty Blacksmith In 1851 census
Lodge Hill (top, on right) Oddfellows’ Hall Built 1838 Used by Primitive Methodists before chapel built. 1960s
Liberal Club Demolished c.1970 4 cottages below hall (2 accessed from Lodge Hill, 2 from Druggist Lane
132/4 Main St (‘Manchester House’) John Purdy Linen & wool draper In 1851 census Left of Crown Cottage
(Sarah) Bilton Draper Early 1900s? Mrs A E ‘Lizzie’ Roe worked there & business continued at 140 Main St. c.1900
Co-Op Drapery Draper In 1940s  Premises now incorporated into Crown Inn
Crown Cottage (in front of Crown) John Emmott Clogger In 1851 census P
Thomas Gill Butcher In 1851 census
Co-Op Drapery Draper & milliner 1930s to 1950s Demol.1960s. Belonged to Mary Spencer who had sweet shop at 135 Main St q.v.
136 Main St (The) Crown Hotel (Inn) Public House (built 1769) In 1851 census Innkeeper WilliamThompson
In 1972 Ken & Marlene – landlords
to present 1950s
Bolton Rd (Yard behind Crown) Crown Stables Mortuary Demolished Now Crown car park. Had meeting room above – soldiers billeted there 1940s P
1 Bolton Rd J Oldroyd Gents Hairdresser Demolished 1960s See 138 Main Street
2 Bolton Rd Co-Op Grocery & Provisions to 1950s? 1975
Helyg Pottery Hand made Pottery & Textiles 1950s to 2000? P
Addingham Luthiers Stringed instrument makers to 2000? above Helyg Pottery
Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery 2000 to present 2004
2A Bolton Rd Co-Op Butcher to 1950s?
Cooks Wholefood & Nat Provincial Building Soc. Health Food & Building Soc. In 1984 Alison Wall
Fuzzy’s Ladies Hairdresser to present 2004
11 Bolton Rd Mrs Tomlin Sweets & baking 1930s to ’40s Home made cakes
Maurice Roe Florist & Greengrocer 1950s to ’60s Moved to 109? Main St
J Devaney Green Grocer 1960s Demolished 1960s?
Malt Kiln Yard Mrs Blackburn Dressmaking Late 1920s to ’40s Cottage opposite Malt Kiln. Demolished 1960s.
Malt Kiln, Bolton Rd The Malt Kiln Malt Kiln In 1851 John Wall maltster – see 144 Main St.
Geoff Lowcock Gunsmith in 1977
Harry Smith Cabinet Maker in 1977
John Knight Artist in 1977
Oakstone Developments Builders to present 2004
Bolton Rd (on right where now Kilners Croft) Dickinson’s Garage Car servicing in 1950s Wooden hut, could take 4-6 cars in two rows. Moved to Church St then Ilkley Rd q.v.
9 Springfield Mount George Atkins Milkman 1950s
Joiners In 1972 Wardrobes, Porches, Alterations, Extns. All building work carried out. Later at 5 Stockinger Lane q.v.
Bolton Rd Isaac Morrison Dealer in pots In 1851 census
Bolton Rd Joseph Wade Master joiner & cabinet maker In 1851 census Employed 3 men
Bolton Rd (on left after Bark Lane) T West /J Dixon, Butchers Slaughterhouse to 1940s
Farm to 1990s
High Mill Lane Corn Mill Corn mill to 1851+ Alice Lister & sons David & George – corn millers in 1851. Corn milling continued after 1788 textile mill extn.
High Mill Textile mill (cotton spinning) 1788 to 1953 1980s
High Mill Engineering works in 1968 Converted to housing 1970s
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